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By 2050 66% of the world population lives in urban areas. It requires new mobility plans of metropolises. Our IoT technology enables the detection of parking spots availability indoor and outdoor.

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We Have A Relentless Focus On Building Powerful Connectivity Experiences For Businesses, Industries and Smart Cities. We’re A Team Of Enthusiastic and Driven Experts. We Love What We Do and We Do It Well.

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Top-tier Wireline & Wireless Connectivity Distributor | Anything on PAN/LAN/WAN

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Anything with Unified Communication.

IoT Connectivity

We specialize in vertical applications and tailored IoT projects to offer improved competitiveness for businesses, industries and smart cities.

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We advise you on choosing the devices, connectivity & cloud platform that best fit your needs.

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Connectivity Solutions

Harness the power of IoT. IoT creates possibilities for new industries and new services that have never before existed. It opens new environmental opportunities, enables new ways to manage assets, cut costs and increase revenue. Discover now all the IoT Solutions and applications we can offer.

Manage your entire Agri-business with Precision

The global food system is expected to feed a population that is likely to grow from 7.5 billion people today to almost 10 billion by 2050. Precision agriculture is about managing variations in the field to increase crop yield, raise productivity and reduce consumption of agricultural inputs.

Smart Building

Our Smart Building and Facilities solutions turn any building into a smart building with the power of IoT and LoRa. Smart-building data can support automated scheduling, from parking-space allocation to workspace assignment, to conference room reservation.

We offer integrated radar technology in detecting the availability of parking spaces aiming to meet the growing demand for greater precision of smart parking devices.

Reduce pollution with IoT technology

Livestock contributes substantially to the global economy. However, pollution is released into the environment as a result of the cultivation and raising of livestock, food crops, animal feed, and biofuel crops.

This translates into different challenges, such as the proper use of irrigation water and the control of gas emissions from livestock.

Our expertise is IoT applications. We know sensors, we know connectivity, and we know the small rectangular screens that they’re built for. We dream in Connectivity, where sensors are touches and the interface is yours to design. 

We like breaking new ground. At the heart of our work is connectivity. We build to connect your physical products with the digital world, providing capabilities that give you an edge in your business.

We believe sensors are the future and the future is now. To help you on your journey to the connected future, we have a range of connectivity solutions and services, including tools, video tutorials and support that helps your business get up and running quickly with IoT.

 From IoT to edge devices, our sensor ecosystems provide a platform for the most innovative applications. Discover all our reliable and certified devices based on IoT technology and connect them to the cloud.

IoT Use Case

Smart Parking

IoT technology enables the detection of parking spots availability indoor and outdoor.

Smart Waste Management

The new solution for smart waste management in urban containers...

Smart Cities

With the exponential growth of urban population, cities will have to accommodate nearly 5 billion people by 2030...
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