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Dependable & Trustworthy. When we say our technology will perform a certain way, you better believe it will. We strongly believe in IoT as a tool to help in decision-making to build a more sustainable business and environment.

Digital Connectivity

Imagine an infrastructure that evolves with you as your business grows. Our vision is to shape the future of businesses, industries and smart cities, with reliable, transparent and secure IoT devices that are always on.  With IoT technology your imagination is your only limitation.

Our Mission
We are Transforming Pan-America

Digital ConsulTx is a U.S. based value added IoT connectivity distributor in the verticals of smart environments, smart cities, smart agriculture and smart water. We hold over 300 contracts with commercial network, cloud, and IoT providers, and distribute through a network of independent sales agents known as “Digital Connectivity Xperts” or DCX located throughout the Pan-American region.

Our mission is to become the IoT partner of choice for Pan-America clients. We are strongly committed to a common future in IoT connectivity and a range of activities, including digitalization. 

Why use Digital ConsulTx Technology Services?

Use our connectivity services to harness the power of IoT and enjoy the outcomes. Some of the benefits we offer are as follows:

IoT connectivity

Utilize SMART technologies for optimizing, simplifying, and rationalizing existing processes. The goal is to use digital tools including more advanced technologies such as AI, 5G, and IoT, to streamline business growth and serve customers better.

Wireless connectivity

For Many companies, digital transformation starts with upgrading the company's IT infrastructure as well as mobile infrastructure, data lakes and the cloud. IT uplift provides your company access to up-to-date tools that offer increased employee efficiency, lower IT maintenance costs and increased employee satisfaction.

Wireline connectivity

Our Wireline is a high-speed, wireline network from your premises to anywhere in the world over private networks or securely over the public internet

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