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Need A New Way To EXECUTE Digital Decisions?  We source IoT  technology solutions through our robust portfolio of over 290 leading servicers providing customized and innovative solutions.

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We have experts in multiple disciplines in order to properly serve clients because we don’t just focus on one tech element. We’re aware and fluent in varying technology niches to be able to provide clients with the most up-to-date options.

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IoT connectivity

Utilize SMART technologies for optimizing, simplifying, and rationalizing existing processes. The goal is to use digital tools including more advanced technologies such as AI, 5G, and IoT, to streamline business growth and serve customers better.

Wireless connectivity

For Many companies, digital transformation starts with upgrading the company's IT infrastructure as well as mobile infrastructure, data lakes and the cloud. IT uplift provides your company access to up-to-date tools that offer increased employee efficiency, lower IT maintenance costs and increased employee satisfaction.

Wireline connectivity

Our Wireline is a high-speed, wireline network from your premises to anywhere in the world over private networks or securely over the public internet

Why is Digital ConsulTx the preferred IoT connectivity partner in Atlanta?

We are Atlanta Bred, with a global ecosystem of partners who can facilitate the delivery of a project or solve most business connectivity challenges. Our trusted leading Industry experts are vetted using their expertise to provide the best solutions to meet customer’s needs, while also reducing operating costs.

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IoT Use Case

Smart Parking

IoT technology enables the detection of parking spots availability indoor and outdoor.

Smart Waste Management

The new solution for smart waste management in urban containers...

Smart Cities

With the exponential growth of urban population, cities will have to accommodate nearly 5 billion people by 2030...