A growing number of minority and women entrepreneurs are beginning to sell their products online as the world goes digital. But smart sellers will realize that they have to sell their products on social media as well as their own website if they want to stay ahead of the competition.


The Perfect Platform for Your Business


With the advancement of eCommerce technology, the need for a separate business website is decreasing. From Amazon to Facebook, many consumers prefer to buy online through well-known platforms rather than relying on unfamiliar retail sites. eCommerce functionality on your website can be nice to bring in buyers, but offering products on social media platforms is becoming more appealing to many types of businesses.


Listen to your customers, and make sure to pick the best option for you.

Social Media is Widely Accessible


Creating an online store requires little more than signing in to your social networking account. With social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, it’s easy to set up a store and sell products right away. As long as a person complies with the terms of the platform they choose, anyone can be an effective seller!

Shops on social media provide more access to your customers than traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Nearly 55% of all global market share is accounted for by mobile devices, compared to 43% for PCs. For leisure activities—from social media browsing to shopping online—smartphones have become more popular than desktop computers.
It is safe to say that a social media store would reach a wider audience faster and easier than a website for a business or individual. In combination with social media’s unique advertising features, social media shops are an ideal choice for sellers nowadays.

The Secret to Social Shop-Owner Success


An online presence is critical to a social media shop’s success. To make more sales, you’ll want to list your products on multiple platforms and promote them wherever you can.
A lot of accounts may seem overwhelming, but many local businesses turn to eCommerce tools to help them stay on top of the competition and keep selling.
Control panels for social media have been around for a while and are a tried and true tool for the success of social eCommerce campaigns. With the rise of social media shops comes the need for more effective tools—such as the ones we offer at Digital Consultx.


Digital Consultx is an all-in-one management tool that will let you track your social media presence and other aspects of your campaign ventures all from one convenient place. Check out the platform and contact us to learn more about our innovative eCommerce and social media tools perfectly designed to empower your business.