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Business Mobile

Our business mobiles give you flexibility…

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Mobile Broadband

Allow your business to operate from anywhere, mobile broadband 

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Technical support, maintenance, consulting on Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication 

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Mobile Device Management


Get peace of mind that your mobile devices are safe and secure from threats. If you need more control over your devices and want to ensure data leaks don’t happen mobile device management can help.

Should a device become lost or stolen, having the ability to control the data leak and remote lock or wipe a device will ensure that any data contained within email, texts or documents will not fall foul of misuse.

MDM allows the ability to control device functions like enabling the camera, USB storage, microphone and clipboard setting like copy and paste, brings a whole new dimension to how these devices can be controlled.

MDM enables you to restrict entire app stores or a specific list. Setting up a device in a Kiosk mode restricts this further where users can only see the apps that have been approved by your company policy.

Great practical experience with MDM allows us to quickly and efficiently solve any problem within any budget.

MDM allows your organisation to set up data limits to alert key members of staff when users are going close or over their monthly allowance. Along with these, we can set up actions to help reduce the data consumption but not to remove the data completely. 

We specialise in offering businesses a variety of options in terms of connectivity, effectively creating two-way communication between devices